Fotoizba provides fascinating tours based on the history of the old imperial settlement of Yeniseysk, everyday life and the fortunes of its inhabitants. The tours are conducted (in Russian) by the founder of Fotoizba, Peter, and his spouse Nadezhda (Надежда Петровна).


With distinctive exhibits and historic photographs of the town, the arrangements in the house and its courtyard create a unique atmosphere of the distant past. Artefacts have been carefully collected and restored by the owner himself.


Planning to visit Krasnoyarsk or Krasnoyarsk Krai? Take a trip to Yeniseysk and visit Fotoizba. To remember your visit, take a picture of the old interiors, the courtyard by the well or the little bridge. Original souvenirs are also available: magnets with views of Yeniseysk and other cities of the Krasnoyarsk Krai, postcards of Yeniseysk and stamps, maps, photo goods, and ornaments made of silver birch bark. Send postcards to friends anywhere in the world!


Perhaps the founder of Fotoizba will share with you some secrets of the history of this old and distinguished Siberian town... See "Contacts" page for more info.

Fotoizba tour



An intimate private museum founded by Yeniseysk photographer and enthusiast Peter Drozdov (Дроздов Петр Яковлевич).